SBC Philosophy and Client Mission


The Client Satisfaction Mandate is reflected in all facets of the SBC business philosophy. Since the Client Relationship is the core from which all other SBC business practices emanate, it will be reflected in each of them. Simply put, SBC does right by its Clients. These Guiding Principles are the cornerstones in the application of SBC projects:

  • Ultra Professionalism and Exceptional Quality Workmanship
  • Affordable Pricing Directly Commensurate to the Value of the Work Performed.
  • SBC strives for Efficiency, but Work is not measured by time, and Never Hurried.
  • Professionalism and Client Satisfaction are Paramount over volume.
  • Long-term Client Relationships are more valued than Short Term financial gain.
  • Integrity and Forthright Communication with SBC Clients is the Number One Priority.

SBC strives to create cost effective and practical information technology solutions for the Clients we serve, with a strong emphasis on production uptime. There is no hourly rate for SBC services and no upfront service contracts, and cost is given up front prior to performing work. The SBC standards are backed up with an onsite warranty for all work performed and no compensation is accepted until Client Satisfaction is achieved. With the application of these Guiding Principles, 26 years in the information technology industry (10 years serving the Central Texas Region), SBC strives to develop Client Relationships that go far beyond commercial success.

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